08 January 2010

Look at the Pretty Colors!

New York Public Library's website has been Drupalized. At first glance, it appears to be a major improvement. Three cheers for navigability! The new site features more locally-produced content and streamlined searching.

Welcome to NYPL's "evolving information ecosystem":

05 January 2010

Ups and Downs at Queens Library

The era of extended weekend service may have come to a close. While all three New York City library systems had managed to increase service hours during the recession, Queens Library is the first to reverse this course. Beginning in February, 14 branches will be open Monday to Friday only.

But not all news is bad news for Queens Library this week. The Long Island City branch's Literacy Zone project has received a windfall grant from the New York State Department of Education. A new Welcome Center will include comprehensive literacy services and support a full-time case manager to "provide pathways out of poverty for individuals and families."

What other wonders and terrors have been visited upon us in the last month?