20 January 2009

"On the brink, on the brim, on the cusp"

Today marked the beginning of a new era, an age in which we will set aside childish things and extend our hands in peace and ... start the spring term. Yes, for many colleges and universities in the city, Inauguration Day was also the first day of the new semester, our quiet libraries filling once again with the Sturm und Drang of scholarly pursuit. Ah, academia!

At the New School, Fogelman Social Sciences and Humanities Library reopened in its new space in Arnhold Hall. You may recall that last month's student occupation of the New School's Graduate Faculty building was partially motivated by a lack of study space. In my post of Dec. 20, I questioned whether Fogelman's temporary home would adequately fulfill students' needs. Well, New School students, librarians, (un)wary interlopers, what's your impression?

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