16 February 2009

Things Are Happening; Let Things Happen to You: Field Trips, Week of Feb. 16, 2009

Happy President's Day everyone! (So, wait, why am I at work?) And while I'm at it, Happy Library Lovers' Month! The happenings:
  • METRO workshops, including "Library Advocacy During Critical Times" which was originally scheduled for Jan. 15.
  • Feb. 17: Urban Librarians Unite unite. Same bat time, same bat Creek.
  • Feb. 18: Columbia's Rare Book & Manuscript Library hosts "A View From the 90s", a symposium in honor of James G. Nelson, followed by a reception and initial viewing of the "Victorian Imprints" exhibition.
  • Feb. 19: Columbia, round 2. The Scholarly Communication Program presents a panel discussion on information-sharing among researchers.
  • Feb. 21: Up for a little professional reading? Join your fellow librarians for a Saturday afternoon's conversation about the hot new library literature.

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