12 March 2009

On Exhibit: When Less is More

Nearly every library has some kind of exhibition space, though I've rarely—maybe never—written about any taking place outside the big-money institutions. The following two special exhibits are somewhat off the beaten track, though no less intriguing for their obscurity.

Re: Rebus at Queens College's Rosenthal Library: "In approaching rebuses as a means of communicating with other visually-curious people Re: Rebus is curator Tara Mathison's response to [Vik] Muniz's MoMA Rebus, using the permanent special collection of the Queens College Art Library. All of the books featured in the exhibit will be available for personal viewing after the exhibit comes down."

Handmade/Homemade at the Mortola Library, Pace University, Pleasantville: "This mini-exhibition includes handmade, homemade and letterpress chapbooks, one-of-a-kind editions and broadsides." Sadly, the opening night reading is taking place as I write this post.

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