14 June 2009

Congrats to the Cover Girl!

Queens Library graces the cover of Library Journal this week after being named their Library of the Year 2009. Editor John N. Berry's article focuses on how Queens is coping financially during the recession, post-budget cut scenarios, playing the politics game, service efficiencies, creative programming, and more. Here's a soundbite from CEO Thomas W. Galante:
“Most elected officials support the library, but they need all the help they can get from us and from citizens. The focus is to raise awareness of the value of public libraries. We show all we do and all the people we help. We rely on our government officials to help support us, so we don't take any jabs, no shots at people. That wouldn't be smart,” asserts Galante. “We do a lot of advocacy work. We do it smart, build relationships. Many elected officials tell us to rally, rally, rally, because it helps them support libraries when it comes to the budget negotiation.
LJ circulates far and wide and it's exciting to think that librarians from coast to coast will be reading about Queens Library, the busiest library system in the nation. If it's not already waiting in your (physical) mailbox, check it out right here.

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