11 June 2009

Cringe: "Stuyvesant Librarian Accused of Sexual Abuse"

The City Room headline kinda says it all, although I'll submit that the crimes of which R. Christopher Asch, 56, are accused are not particularly egregious (relatively speaking) nor terribly news-worthy. Leg massage: icky; unauthorized quiz-bowl trip: righteous. Nevertheless, this story has been picked up by many of our local media outlets, including the NY Post, the Daily News, and NY1.

A number of Mr. Asch's former students and acquaintances express their disbelief in the City Room article's comments section. So, is this a case of "mean-spirited kids" making a mess of a devoted high school librarian's life? Or is Mr. Asch a Republican, cricket-playing, closeted NAMBLA freak? Guilty or not, he's already done time at a "teacher detention center."


Sommer said...

What's up with his $86,590 salary?

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with his salary? As a school librarian he has a masters degree. Not understanding what his salary has to do with anything. There are bigger issues here